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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Global Magic Mile

The Global Magic Mile is one which runners of all ages worldwide can take part in anytime between the 27th July to the 6th August.

"The Magic Mile is a free running challenge pitting runners against the clock over the iconic distance of one single mile.  It's an event that is open to runners of all abilities. Participants run one mile in an organised Magic Mile event, or other mile event, or run their mile solo in their own time wherever they like." (quote from Marathon Talk)

It is being hosted Marathon Talk and we have signed up as part of the UK Run Chat (@UKRunChat) team.  There will be friendly Team Blue vs Team Red pre-race banter on the #ukrunchat hashtag with the big banter session planned for an hour from 8pm (BST) on the 6th.

The Magic Mile is FREE and you can register for it on the Marathon Talk website by clicking this link and join the UK Run Chat team by clicking this link.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Running Hot

So the severe weather warning that had predicted thunder, lightning, rain and hail for today ended up as a day of blazing hot (22 degree Celsius) sun instead. It made for a very hot race but good fun all the same. I did make sure I was well hydrated and ran slower when I felt the need.

I am not sure I can get my head round how endurance marathoners manage to run in temps almost twice that temperature though....

What's the hottest temperature you have ever run in, and what coping techniques did you use?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Stormy Weather

I am going to be be running the Race For Life this weekend, and a severe weather warning has just been posted....I am hoping it doesn't turn into an actual race for my life! Are you running this weekend, and if so where?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Great news!

You can now add R:ACE as your running club on parkrun simply by following the link to "manage my profile" and updating your club details by choosing us (look for: Run - for fun - Adults, Children, Everyonefrom the parkrun club database drop down box.  The link to manage your profile can be found in any of the parkrun newsletters, in any of your run results emails, or in your registration confirmation email. We look forward to running with you, wherever you are. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Taking measure

Today my youngest and I went to measure out a proposed route for a future junior parkrun. He and a few of his friends have been the catalyst for all the work required to get a junior parkrun off the ground - they love the freedom and sheer joy of running but struggle to complete 5k so a 2k junior run seemed like it would be the ideal solution. 

We had a lovely morning together, first walking to the site and then walking out the route in various different ways until we got the 2k laid out in a way which will allow marshals to keep the runners in view at all times without the run being 'hamster wheel' boring. 

We also found a perfect spot for equally important aspects of the weekly timed run - the run directors pre-run talk and the finish funnel!